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  • Ed O’Malley is a nature photographer who lives on the coast of New Jersey, specifically along the shore of Barnegat Bay. He can often be found sailing, fishing, diving, or kayaking – these and other outdoor activities often provide the opportunity and inspiration for his photographs.

    In addition to his on-the-water pursuits, Ed has always enjoyed stormy weather, and in particular, the winter season – the more snow, the better. In the fall of 2007, this led to Ed’s affiliation with Mount Washington Observatory as a summit volunteer. Since then, this has provided many unique photographic opportunities on the summit of Mount Washington and in the surrounding area. Coastal storms also provide Ed with many opportunities for one-of-a-kind photographs.

Manto Today: The Inlet That Was

While coming over the Mantoloking Bridge this afternoon, I had a very clear, sunny view of the the area of Mantoloking where the inlet formed by Sandy once was.  Later, I went back to take the following pictures.  As you can see, things have come a long way – if you look closely, you can even see new houses, pilings, and more going up.  Please click on the photo below to see more.

VIDEO: A 360 Degree View of the Beach Near Lyman Street in Mantoloking

Though it was too cloudy for a good sunrise this morning, I was able to take this quick video instead.  It shows a 360 degree view of the beach near Lyman Street in Mantoloking.  There are a few additional photos below.