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Southern Wyoming, ALL of Utah, and a Bit of New Mexico…

After I left Jackson Hole, I headed south to visit friends and family in Park City, Utah, and then continued down to Moab, Utah, for the night.  The following day included a trek across New Mexico, including the Four Corners National Monument, ending down in Texas.  Utah had some interesting “red rock” terrain, and while New Mexico had a lot of flat grasslands, it was fun to pass through all the small towns and settlements.  The pictures below are some of the highlights.  I took almost 1,000 pictures on this trip, so there’s still a lot to pick through.  For those of you who don’t already know, I did arrive home on the night of Monday the 14th, after 6,360 miles, but more about that later…  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Posted from National Park, New Jersey, United States.

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