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A Volunteer Week at the Non-profit Mount Washington Observatory

As you may know, I volunteer at the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory a couple weeks a year, usually in the winter.  As of the writing of this post, I am about half way through my current week.  Below are some of my favorite pictures to date.  Hope you enjoy them! Ed O’Malley  Mount Washington Observatory […]

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A Visit to Island Beach State Park

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Island Beach State Park (New Jersey).  Though partly overcast and windy, the sun was out some of the time, and the temperatures were mild.  I saw many ducks including brant, but the highlights of the afternoon were a fox and many sandpipers.  This particular park allows surf fishermen […]

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Please Help Me Help the Non-profit Mount Washington Observatory

Please Help Me Help the Non-profit Mount Washington Observatory! I volunteer at the non-profit, member supported Mount Washington Observatory each year. Every summer, I take part in their largest annual fundraiser – the “Seek the Peak” hike-a-thon. Please consider making a donation to the Observatory in support of my hike to the summit on their […]

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