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  • Ed O’Malley is a nature photographer who lives on the coast of New Jersey, specifically along the shore of Barnegat Bay. He can often be found sailing, fishing, diving, or kayaking – these and other outdoor activities often provide the opportunity and inspiration for his photographs.

    In addition to his on-the-water pursuits, Ed has always enjoyed stormy weather, and in particular, the winter season – the more snow, the better. In the fall of 2007, this led to Ed’s affiliation with Mount Washington Observatory as a summit volunteer. Since then, this has provided many unique photographic opportunities on the summit of Mount Washington and in the surrounding area. Coastal storms also provide Ed with many opportunities for one-of-a-kind photographs.

Waterfalls, Lupines, and Mountaintop Sunrises (New Hampshire)

I recently had the opportunity to spend several days in New Hampshire, hiking, shooting photos, and visiting friends. I traveled over 1,000 miles, both via car, and on foot, ranging as far north as southern Quebec. Some of the highlights included Foss Mountain (sunset), Black Cap Mountain (sunrise), and Sugar Hill (a small town), and were visited in company with friend and fellow photographer Matt Stearns.

One of my favorite shots is below (looking north from Black Cap Mountain at sunrise), click on it to see more.