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  • Ed O’Malley is a nature photographer who lives on the coast of New Jersey, specifically along the shore of Barnegat Bay. He can often be found sailing, fishing, diving, or kayaking – these and other outdoor activities often provide the opportunity and inspiration for his photographs.

    In addition to his on-the-water pursuits, Ed has always enjoyed stormy weather, and in particular, the winter season – the more snow, the better. In the fall of 2007, this led to Ed’s affiliation with Mount Washington Observatory as a summit volunteer. Since then, this has provided many unique photographic opportunities on the summit of Mount Washington and in the surrounding area. Coastal storms also provide Ed with many opportunities for one-of-a-kind photographs.

The Rest of the Story… (Pictures from Seattle, Washington to New Jersey, and Almost Everywhere in Between)

As promised, I’ve finally gotten caught up, and had a chance to download the rest of the pictures from my cross-country drive. I took over 1,000 pictures on this trip, spanning 17 states. Most of the pictures that I’ve selected to share with you are scenic, however, some are narrative, and help tell the story of where I went, and what I saw. I will add captions when I can, but in the mean time, keep in mind that the trip started in Washington, ended in New Jersey, and that the pictures are in chronological order. Also, you can refer to the map in my previous post to get a better idea of my route, and where the pictures were taken.

Seek the Peak Subaru Cross-country Trek - Images by Edwin O'Malley

Some Stats From the Trip…

So I got home late on the night of the 14th, worked in a frenzy for two days, and then on the morning of the 17th, headed up to New Hampshire, for an overnight on Mt. Washington with friends (this was also a Seek the Peak prize).  I’ll post pictures/tell you more about this later, but for now, here are some of the “facts” from my cross country trek…

Total Miles: 6,360
Most Miles in One Day: 1,007 (Austin, TX to Knoxville, TN)
Least Miles in One Day: effectively zero (visiting friends in Austin, TX)
Number of States: 17 (based on border crossings)
Highest Speed: Top Secret
Highest Temperature: 72 degrees F (San Francisco, CA)
Lowest Temperature: -2 degrees F (Jackson Hole, WY)
Highest Elevation: 10,450 feet (Jackson Hole, WY)
Lowest Elevation: Sea Level (Coast of CA)

My approximate route is below – click on “View Larger Map” to see the full view…

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